Getting Your Care Kit Ready Before Wearing Dentures

Dentures are by far the most common solution to missing teeth, and they're a simple but very effective way to eat properly, retain your confidence and keep your jaw healthy. Perhaps you've already had teeth removed, and you're finally getting dentures, or perhaps you're about to have one or more teeth taken out, and you'll be fitted for dentures right after. Either way, it's certainly a chance that takes a bit of time to get used to. 

Becoming a denture wearer means some slight changes to your routine, and getting used to something unfamiliar being in your mouth. Make the transition easier by assembling your denture care kit beforehand.

Denture adhesive

Your new dentures are moulded to fit perfectly in your mouth, based on an impression taken by the dentist. However, slight changes in the shape of your mouth over time can make them a little loose, especially just after getting dentures for the first time. It also takes a bit of time to get used to controlling your mouth properly with them in. A proper adhesive helps hold your dentures firmly in your mouth, so they're easier to get used to. Make sure you only use an adhesive designed for dentures.

Denture brush

Really, you can use any toothbrush to keep your dentures clean. But getting one specifically designed for the purpose, with a larger head and the right type of bristles makes the task easier. Dentures need to be brushed every day, so it's important to have the equipment to do so. If you can't find an actual denture toothbrush, get an ordinary one with soft bristles, as too much pressure can damage dentures.

Cleaning solution

After brushing your dentures, they need a good soak in a cleaning solution. This helps make sure they're as clean and fresh as they can be and removes stains that are difficult to deal with through brushing alone. Denture cleaner is often sold as soluble tablets, which are quick and easy to dissolve in water and make the solution.

Storage case

Most dentists advise you to remove your dentures at night, and they need to be kept somewhere safe, so they stay clean and don't get damaged.

Using a proper denture storage case is the best way to do this, and some of them also double as a container for a soaking cleanse. Getting a second storage case is also useful if you need to take your dentures out away from home, for example, if they get damaged, or they've become too loose to wear.