Your Guide to Dental Veneers

Dental veneers have become increasingly popular across Australia and the wider Western world in recent years. You can ask your dentist about them, and their suitability for you, the next time you book in for one of your regular dental check ups. Most dentists would offer you excellent advice on the sort of dental veneers currently available. Although veneers are considered to be a part of cosmetic dentistry, you don't necessarily need a cosmetic dentist to fit them because most dental professionals will be able to undertake this sort of work. What do you need to know about dental veneers before forking out for them?

  • The Function of Dental Veneers

Firstly, it should be said that a dental veneer is a type of prosthetic. As such, it falls into the same category as false teeth and dentures. However, dental veneers do not replace your teeth like other prosthetics. They simply sit on top of your current teeth to present a better surface.

  • How Do Dentists Fit Veneers?

Dental veneers are glued onto your tooth. Your dentist will stick them on with a specially developed adhesive, which provides longevity in the mouth as well as being perfectly safe. Typically, veneers are fabricated to match your own set of incisors by a dental technician who works in a laboratory. Therefore, a mould may be taken of your mouth. That said, you can get standard sets of dental veneers, too. Each veneer is a laminate, which is usually made from a dental porcelain or a similar composite material.

  • Why Have Dental Veneers At All?

People tend to have dental veneers fitted for two main reasons. Firstly, some choose them because they have cracked or misshapen front-facing teeth which they want to correct the look of. Since a dental veneer can be made with a neater edge to it, fitting one can correct the look of a chipped tooth, in particular.

The second reason that dental veneers are so popular is that they can be made with a whiter appearance than your natural teeth. This means that once they are glued in place, your smile will become much more sparkling in its look than before. Of course, it is possible to also have veneers which are fabricated for you that match the exact colour of your other teeth. It is up to you whether you want whiter-looking smile than you had before when you order them.