Your Dentist Can Be Delightful: How to Get over a Fear of Dentists

If you happen to afraid of dogs, or snakes, or any kind of animal, you've probably heard it before: they're more afraid of you than you are of them. The same probably can't be said of your dentist.

Why is this fear of dentists so common? Maybe it is fear of the pain. Maybe it's the fear that a major problem will be found and the repairs will be expensive. A dentist offers an important, necessary service, and if you or someone you know has a fear of sitting in that chair with an open mouth, it's time to deal with it. While dealing with this fear can take some willpower, it's certainly possible with a bit of effort.

Talk It Through

Knowledge is power, and thorough knowledge can go a long way towards removing your fear. If you know exactly what will happen during your appointment, and more importantly, why it's needed, the whole process will seem more straightforward.

Don't be afraid to ask questions. Your dentist is a highly-trained medical professional who will be only too happy to answer those questions. If the sound of a "root canal" fills you with confusion and dread, ask what it is, and why it's necessary. You will feel better by taking a more active role in the process.

The Advantage of an Anaesthetic

While it's not as though your dentist will want to knock you out for even the smallest of procedures, they do have a wide range of anaesthesia at their disposal. Tell your dentist that visiting them makes you feel afraid and uncomfortable. Your dentist might be able to offer you a higher level of pain relief than they might have otherwise. This is certainly not appropriate in all cases, or with all patients, so your dentist might be able to suggest or prescribe an anti-inflammatory medication to take before your visit. This can essentially reduce any swelling before it happens.

Don't Let Payments Give You Palpitations

Perhaps you're one of those people who avoids going to the dentist, and indeed, has a fear of the dentist because of the cost. It's very important to find an affordable dentist who you're also comfortable with. If you're in need of a major procedure, don't be afraid to investigate how much it will cost with other dentists. Just remember that a consultation will be necessary, and a fee will generally be charged for this.

Ask clinics like Eden Rise Dental if they have a payment plan. Some dentists allow you to pay in installments, or have a relationship with a credit provider. The credit provider covers the cost of the treatment, and you simply pay it back as you would a loan.

By thinking logically about the situation, and by making sure that you ask all the questions you want, you'll discover how darn delightful your dentist can be!