Help Your Child Avoid Braces With These Four Tips

If you want your child to live a life with no braces, there are things you can do. Although you cannot totally sidestep the need for braces in every case, you can take steps to minimise the chances that your child will need them. Here's what you should consider through every step of your parenting journey:

1. Breastfeed your baby

If it is possible for you to breastfeed your baby, try to do so. That is the first decision you can make to help your child have a life with no braces. Breastfeeding is actually harder for babies than bottlefeeding in that it uses more muscles and requires the baby to manipulate his or her mouth and tongue in certain ways.

Over time, these muscular exertions and breastfeeding positions help the mouth to develop in a way that is less likely to need braces.

2. Consult an orthodontist before removing baby teeth

Once your child's baby teeth start to come out, consider consulting with an orthodontist. They can let you know if removing a certain tooth (due to decay or for any other reason) may mess up your child's smile. For example, if you remove a tooth, other teeth may shift into that spot and force the new adult tooth to grow in oddly.

Alternatively, leaving certain baby teeth in too long can also wreak havoc on the position of teeth in your child's mouth. If you are considering having some teeth removed or if a baby tooth seems to be lasting too long and you can see the adult tooth trying to enter the mouth, you should consult with an orthodontist rather than just your child's dentist.

3. Start orthodontic treatments early

Early orthodontic treatment doesn't sound like a way for your child to avoid braces, but counterintuitively, it is. If your child starts getting treatment around the ages of seven to ten when he or she still has both baby and adult teeth in his or her mouth, that can prevent the need for full braces in your child's teen years.

Early treatments, especially from a facility that specialises in the no braces approach to teeth, can help your child achieve better function and appearance in his or her dental arches.

4. Opt for less aggressive treatment

If your child is already too old for the ideas above, there are still ways you can help him or her lead a mostly no braces lifestyle. Instead of getting your child a full mouth of braces, talk with the orthodontist about less aggressive treatment.

For example, maybe six or seven braces on the front teeth or an invisible retainer would help your child's smile. There are a number of smaller treatments you could do instead of braces. To learn more, contact a company like South Side Dental Options.