Types of Dental Crowns That You Could Choose From

If you require a dental crown for your oral health, you should keep in mind that not one type of dental crown would be suited for all oral health solutions. This is why there is a variety to choose from to ensure that not only will the crown be the most suitable option for you, but also that you can find something that would be within your budget. If you need more than one dental crown, you can even opt to use a combination of the different crowns available to ensure that your needs are met. The following are some of the dental crowns that you could make a selection from.

Metallic dental crowns

If keeping your teeth's appearance as natural as possible is not a concern for you, then metallic crowns are a great option that you could consider. These types of crowns come in either silver or gold. Metallic crowns tend to be the most durable crowns you can choose. Therefore, you would not have to worry about undue chipping or breaking of your dental crown. In addition to this, metallic crowns are also highly biocompatible. This is because they preserve the structure of adjacent teeth.

It should be noted, though, that metallic crowns are not the most aesthetically appealing option. This is because they are conspicuous and thus will draw attention to your tooth. Nevertheless, you could opt to install them on your molars or premolars where they would be harder to spot.

Porcelain dental crowns

These crowns are popular due to the fact they create the most tooth-like appearance once they have been installed. As such, porcelain crowns would be a suitable choice for people who would like to maintain the natural appearance of their teeth as much as they possibly can. It should be noted that porcelain crowns are not as inherently strong as their metallic counterparts are. Therefore, you would have to be careful when using them as they can acquire chips and cracks just as your regular teeth would. However, if you are careful with them and do not expose them to unnecessary high impact, the porcelain crowns can last you a significant amount of time.

Another thing to note about porcelain crowns is that they can also develop staining just like your regular teeth. It would be prudent to ensure that you maintain your oral health regime to keep them in pristine condition. Nevertheless, porcelain crowns would be a suitable option if you require crowns on your front teeth as they would seamlessly blend in with your regular teeth.