Decide on Dentures: 4 Reasons to Ask Your Dentist

As people get older, a good many of them need to consider having dentures fitted.  For some people, that can feel worrying, as there are some pretty persistent misconceptions floating around—but in truth, there's nothing to be concerned about with getting dentures fitted.  In fact, they can seriously improve your quality of life.  Here are four good reasons to feel confident about having them fitted and why.

Nobody Can Tell You're Wearing Them

Sometimes, people can be self-conscious about having dentures fitted, feeling that everyone will know, but the reality is that this couldn't be further from the truth.  They aren't noticeable at all.  In fact, modern dentures look so natural and well-fitted that they're practically indistinguishable from real teeth.  The only people aware of them will be you and your dentist.

They Look Great

You likely will notice a difference yourself if you look in the mirror!  Your smile will look bright and clear as if you've just had them nicely cleaned and whitened.  Again, it's not an unnatural or false look—it will just brighten your smile.

They Won't Fall Out

People can be plagued by the thought of their dentures falling out while they're eating or speaking, but again, this is a fear that couldn't be further from the truth.  You'll fix your dentures in place with specially designed glue.  This is safe to use in your mouth but is extremely strong; if applied correctly, there's little to no chance of your dentures coming out of your mouth at inopportune moments.

It Won't Ruin Your Diet

Another common misconception about dentures is that they permanently affect your diet.  This isn't the case.  There will be a small period of adjustment after having your dentures fitted, as you learn to eat while wearing them.  During that time, softer foods will be more comfortable for you, but this is only temporary.  You'll be able to eat normally in the long run.  It may simply be a case of learning to chew in the back of your mouth, where the dentures are more solidly fitted.  The only things you may wish to avoid are nuts and seeds, which can become stuck under your dentures and irritate your mouth, or big chunks of raw vegetables.

In short, most of the concerns that people have about dentures are based on misconceptions.  In reality, they can vastly improve your quality of life.  If you think they could be good for you, then be sure to make an appointment and ask your dentist.  They'll be able to answer any other questions you have, too.