When Time for Teeth is Scarce: 3 Dental Treatments You Can Have Done on Your Lunch Break

It's hard enough to juggle your daily responsibilities without trying to squeeze in a little extra time for your health. Even when you do finally manage to rearrange your precariously balanced stack of priorities, there's little time to take a breath before you are needed again. A recent survey found that 48% of Americans believe they don't have enough time to do what they need to do, let alone want.

If you've recently looked in the mirror and realized that your teeth are in need of some TLC, you might not have to move mountains to get them the dental care they need. Some dental treatments can be completed on your lunch break.

One Hour Tooth Whitening for Discoloured Teeth

If your teeth are looking less than sparkling, with one quick visit to your dentist you can have them white and ready for that upcoming presentation after lunch.

The fastest but most expensive in-office whitening method is the method which utilizes laser-light technology. Your dentist will apply whitening gel to your teeth before using a laser to activate the whitening agent in the gel.

The cheaper but no less effective alternative is to opt for a whitening tray which is filled with gel and placed on your teeth.

Both methods take no longer than an hour.

Teeth Cleaning to Remove Plaque

Over time, plaque can build up on your teeth, leaving an unsightly layer of calculus that affects the quality of your smile and can lead to cavities. However, a dental cleaning takes from 30 minutes to an hour and during the procedure; your dentist will scrape away the plaque and polish your teeth to leave them looking clean and healthy again.

Dental Bonding for Chipped or Broken Teeth

As we age, our teeth weaken and become more prone to chipping or breaking. Luckily, for busy employees or entrepreneurs who have little time to spare, bonding is a quick and effective treatment that can restore tooth structure within an hour. Your dentist will apply a composite resin to your tooth and shape it so that it matches the rest of your teeth. Composite bonding can last up to several years if taken care of.

Whatever your dental emergency, you can and should always make time for it. If you are unsure of what treatment is best for you, call your local dentist and discuss your issue with them. You might be surprised to learn that your particular dental problem can be treated in less time than you previously imagined.