The Seven Deadly Sins Of Dental Care…And What You Can Do About It

There has been plenty written over the centuries regarding the seven deadly sins. From movies to books, the sins pop up regularly. However, are the seven deadly sins also prevalent in your world when it comes to your teeth? You already know you should be taking better care of your teeth, so consider whether the seven deadly sins are impacting on your dental care!


Lust is the sensation of extreme longing. Are you lusting for better teeth in your mouth? It's not uncommon to want to have straight, white teeth like those seen on models in the media. BUPA, a private health insurance company who are well known in the UK and Australia, reports that 42% of 2,000 people polled said that their teeth were the first thing they would change about themselves.


While lust is the desire to have better teeth, envy is the emotion you feel when you see people with better teeth. It is natural to what to have the same beautiful teeth that others have, but, only you can get yourself on the right path to achieve this.


Gluttony is the sin of overindulgence, and overindulging on sugary treats and drinks is definitely bad for your teeth. However, when you combine gluttony with sloth, then dental decay quickly takes hold.


Like gluttony, greed impacts your teeth when you take more than you need at the dinner table or from the snack bar. Sour gummy lollies, for example, are sour because they are coated with acid! This lolly has sugar which feeds dental bacteria, gumminess which sticks to your teeth, and acid for the sour factor. When you get greedy eating these, your teeth suffer.


Sloth is the sin of being without care, which also equates to laziness when it's time to care for your teeth. Do you regularly skip cleaning your teeth at night or in the morning because you just don't have the time, or you're too "tired." Brushing your teeth removes the bacteria which live off food particles left behind after eating. The bacteria produce plaque which leads to dental decay. The bacteria are also responsible for your stinky morning breath!


Wrath includes strong feelings of anger and hate. It's easy to be angry at yourself when you haven't taken care of your teeth properly. But, did you know that 40% of adult Australians don't go to their annual dental checkup? You are far from alone in your avoidance of this task. 


Many people are too proud to go to their local dentist to ask for help for fear of being judged badly due to their previous dental sins. However, your dentist has seen it all before, and they are not in the dental profession to judge. What they are there to do is to fix your smile so you can flash your teeth with confidence. All you need to do is pick up the phone and make an appointment with one.

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