Five Common Dental Check-Up Questions Answered

Dental health is something that needs to be taken just as seriously as looking after the rest of the body. Visiting the dentist office is just as important as seeing your doctor. Although you may assume that you are in good condition, it may be that a check-up can spot something in its early stages and prevent a condition forming. What do you need to know about dental check-ups?

How Often Should You Have a Dental Check-Up?

As a rule of thumb, six months is about the right time to spend between check-ups. Children should not go much longer than this time period and certainly should visit their dental practitioner twice a year. However, if one visit happens to be eight months or so after the last one, then this is nothing to worry about. Of course, if you are advised to come back sooner because your dentist is keeping a close eye on some aspect of your oral health, then you ought to stick to the given timeframe more closely. Ring the dentist office well in advance of your timeslot so that you can get an appointment at the right time.

What Happens During a Dental Check-Up?

A qualified dental practitioner will look in your mouth and check your teeth visually, sometimes using a probe or a mirror to get a better view. The gums and other parts of the mouth are also checked. Your dentist is also likely to ask about aspects of your oral health, such as soreness, bleeding and teeth-cleaning habits.

Why Do You Need to Lie Back During a Dental Check-Up?

Dentists have seats which lay back almost flat, which can unnerve some visitors who are not used to it. The reason the chair makes you lie back is so that the dentist can get a good view of your mouth to check all the areas they need to. Reclining also helps most patients to feel relaxed while the examination is in progress.

Will You Need an X-Ray During a Dental Check-Up?

Some dentists will want to x-ray your teeth to get a better view of the way they line up, especially towards the back of your mouth. If you have had an x-ray taken at a recent check-up, then this probably won't be necessary. If you change dentists, then it is probable that they will want an x-ray for their records, however.

Should You Brush Before a Dental Check-Up?

Although it is not necessary to do so, brushing before a check-up is considered good manners. It helps to remove any debris from your mouth and to make your breath smell fresh.