Answering Some Basic Questions About Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is often performed just to give you a nice smile, which can be reason enough to consider a cosmetic procedure! Whatever your reasons for wanting to visit a cosmetic dentist, you might note some questions about this work and then discuss your options with a dental professional as needed.

Can an adult be too old for cosmetic dentistry?

Certain cosmetic procedures might actually be recommended for an older person whose teeth and bones are not as strong as they once were. Some orthodontic procedures, such as having braces, might not be an option for an older person if they've suffered bone loss in the jaw or have weakened teeth. A cosmetic bonding procedure, which builds up the teeth with a type of putty that is shaped and then hardens, can be a better option for improving the appearance of teeth and is one that doesn't put pressure on the teeth or the jawbone.

Are cosmetic procedures permanent?

Some aspects of a cosmetic procedure may be permanent, while others will need some upkeep throughout the years. For example, if you want to have a dental implant installed, the actual implant is a type of post that is screwed into the jawbone and which then becomes permanent. A cap or crown is put over this post; that cap may last for many years, if not even a few decades, but it may eventually become worn and need replacing. Bonding, veneers and other such procedures may also last for many years, but they may also need eventual recolouring or other such maintenance work.

Will people notice a cosmetic procedure?

As with any other change to your appearance, if you do something sudden and drastic, your friends might immediately notice a cosmetic dental procedure. If you're very concerned about someone noticing the work you're having done, express your concerns to your cosmetic dentist. He or she can note how to make changes gradually or how to make subtle changes that improve your smile without being overly noticeable.

As an example, you might have your teeth bleached just a few shades whiter every few months so you get the bright white smile you wantwithout people noticing the change right away. Similarly, an undersized tooth can be covered with a smaller cap so the tooth looks more aligned with other teeth but without it standing out and being too visible.

Whatever your concerns, discuss them with your cosmetic dentist, as he or she will probably have an acceptable option for you.