Preventing Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is a common oral health issue in Australia that often causes discomfort and bad breath. A vast majority of such cases can be avoided if certain steps are followed. To stay clear of tooth decay, it would help if you adopted a healthy diet and maintained excellent oral hygiene practices. Decaying teeth cause you a great deal of pain and are unpleasant to look at. In some cases, it could be impossible to reverse the effect caused by this problem. This article advises on the various ways to stay clear of tooth decay.

Protect Yourself from Dental Caries

A dentist will help protect teeth from caries by application of fluoride to the crystal-like forms as soon as the teeth start sprouting. The dynamism of the tooth structure is important since the fluoride ions will attach themselves evenly on the surface.

Administering fluoride in small doses is an effective strategy for protecting your teeth from decay. After applying fluoride, sealants are then placed to cover the small fissures where the decay is most pronounced. These two steps used hand-in-hand are a very effective option for ensuring that your teeth are cavity-free.

Stay Free of Acid-Producing Bacteria

Your dentist can identify Acid-producing bacteria after performing a short clinical test. After identification, the bacteria can then undergo modification. This process is accomplished by using oral protective products which work to incapacitate the harmful effects of the bacteria.

Other methods include applying pH neutralization products and chlorhexidine which is an antibacterial mouthwash. An essential point to note is that newborns don't have the bacteria that cause decay. In fact, the transmission of these pathogens happens from mother to child, which is why prevention should be a top priority.

Try and Watch What You Eat

It is a well-known fact that refined sugar and other forms of high starch content bring harm to your teeth. This happens after bacteria acts on the sugars, which then become fermented. The end product is acidic, which erodes your teeth and causes them to rot. The solution here is to eliminate the intake of refined sugars and substitute that with natural sugars.

Sources of natural sugars are mostly fruits and vegetables. These foods are far much healthier options than the added sugars you will find in candy or soda. Carrots and fresh fruits serve as excellent non-starch snacks to substitute for some of the most common alternatives that contain high amounts of refined sugar.

Talk to a dentist for more advice.