5 Benefits of Laser Teeth Whitening

If you want to have a bright, white smile, laser teeth whitening may be the way to go. This safe and effective teeth whitening method has risen in popularity over the past few years, and for good reason. Here are five benefits of laser teeth whitening to help you decide if it's right for you.

1. It's more effective

The effectiveness of laser teeth whitening is unmatched in comparison to other methods. While at-home whitening products may claim they can lighten your teeth by several shades, many users report lacklustre results. Laser teeth whitening uses a specially developed process to remove stains from your teeth, making use of modern technologies design to create the best results with the least damage.

2. It's faster

The results of laser teeth whitening are almost instantaneous. Other methods such as bleaching and trays can take weeks to whiten your teeth and still don't give you the same bright smile laser teeth whitening can. Most laser teeth whitening procedures give you results in an hour-long procedure, meaning you could walk out of the dental clinic with a whiter smile than you had an hour before. 

3. It's less damaging

Laser teeth whitening uses a procedure that is less damaging to your teeth than many other methods. Activated charcoal whitening, for example, is abrasive, which means it can wear down your enamel over time. Laser whitening, on the other hand, only targets accumulated pore particles. As such, it does far less harm to your enamel. 

4. It lasts longer

If you want bright, white teeth for months to come, look no further than laser teeth whitening. As long as you avoid staining your teeth with substances like tea, coffee and cigarettes, you can expect your whitening results to last six to 12 months on average. If you keep up with regular laser whitening sessions at your dental clinic, you can enjoy white teeth for years on end.

5. It's easy to maintain

Unlike at-home whitening methods, which tend to involve weekly or even daily whitening maintenance, laser teeth whitening doesn't require much work after the initial procedure. As long as you brush your teeth twice a day, use mouthwash, and follow your dentist's advice, your teeth should stay white for the intended duration. For extra maintenance with next to no effort, you can also switch out your regular toothpaste for whitening toothpaste and rinse with mouthwash once a day.