New Options in Cosmetic Dentistry

4 Devices That Can Be Used to Correct a Child’s Orthodontic Challenge

Orthodontics is a branch of dental medicine that helps to address the problems caused by wrongly positioned jaws and teeth. For instance, large spaces between teeth can affect a child's social interactions because he or she may be unable to pronounce some words well. This article discusses four orthodontic devices that can be used to address different conditions that your child may have. Space Maintainers These can be fixed or removable. Read More 

Facing a Dental Emergency? Tips to Be Prepared

You have to face the facts – accidents happen. This includes dental accidents. Your kids may get a little too rambunctious or you may have just a little too much to drink and wind up hurting yourself. Regardless of the cause, being prepared for a dental emergency and having a dentist in mind to call will help you handle the situation with minimal negative, long-term consequences. Knocked Out Tooth If you have a tooth knocked out, get to the dentist right away. Read More 

How To Care For Your Toddler’s Teeth

It's a sad fact that many children of pre-school age suffer from tooth decay and cavities.  So, what's causing this problem, and how can you protect your child's teeth from premature decay?  Read on to find out more.  What causes childhood tooth decay and cavities? The primary cause of avoidable childhood tooth decay is a diet containing high levels of foods that are high in sugary carbohydrates.  The bacteria that live in the mouth and feed on the sugar contained in these foodstuffs deplete the teeth's calcium and erode their structure. Read More 

3 Ways to Save Money on Teeth Whitening

When you have whiter teeth, you can feel more confident in a whole range of situations. You are more likely to be able to present well in front of a group of people in the boardrom, you can fall more easily into relaxed laughter on a date, and you will smile more easily in photographs. But while everybody would love to have whiter and brighter teeth, for many people, financial constraints are a big stumbling block. Read More 

Reasons to Visit Your Family Dentist When You Lose Teeth

Tooth loss is only considered a normal occurrence in children who are losing their baby teeth or in seniors who are losing them to their advanced age. However, there are situations where you may lose multiple teeth due to physical trauma. For some people, the prospect of living with an altered smile is enough to make them pay a visit to their family dentist to have these missing teeth replaced. What other people do not realize though is that there a myriad of other consequences when you lose your teeth. Read More