New Options in Cosmetic Dentistry

A Bone to Pick: How to Remove a Fish Bone from Your Gums

Getting a small, but sharp, fish bone stuck in your gum is painful. Removing such a small foreign body can also be quite tricky. However, because of the risk of infection, it is important that you try to extract the fish bone as soon as possible. Do Not Use Force to Remove the Bone Fish bones are quite brittle. Therefore, using force to remove them is not the answer. With that in mind, refrain from attempting to remove a fish bone with a toothbrush, a length of floss or an object such as a toothpick. Read More 

7 Steps To Follow To Ensure Success After Treatment Of Gum Disease With Antimicrobial Therapy

Antimicrobial therapy may not always succeed even after a dentist has opted to use it to prevent periodontal disease arising from infections. You must give your teeth and mouth the best home care to reap the benefits of antimicrobial treatment. However, be careful not to worsen the situation by not following your dentist's instructions. Here are steps to follow for best results after receiving antimicrobial therapy: 1. The ideal way to stop worsening of gum disease is by regular brushing. Read More 

Answering Some Basic Questions About Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is often performed just to give you a nice smile, which can be reason enough to consider a cosmetic procedure! Whatever your reasons for wanting to visit a cosmetic dentist, you might note some questions about this work and then discuss your options with a dental professional as needed. Can an adult be too old for cosmetic dentistry? Certain cosmetic procedures might actually be recommended for an older person whose teeth and bones are not as strong as they once were. Read More 

Five Common Dental Check-Up Questions Answered

Dental health is something that needs to be taken just as seriously as looking after the rest of the body. Visiting the dentist office is just as important as seeing your doctor. Although you may assume that you are in good condition, it may be that a check-up can spot something in its early stages and prevent a condition forming. What do you need to know about dental check-ups? How Often Should You Have a Dental Check-Up? Read More 

3 Reasons Why Regular Dental Checkups are Necessary

Many people will skip a dental check-up appointment citing lack of time and cost. But in reality, most of them do not know how vital these check-ups are.  If you were considering missing your next dental visit, here are some reasons why you need to think again. 1.    You will get a proper and timely diagnosis For most, seeing a dentist will only happen after experiencing tooth ache or pain in the gum. Read More