New Options in Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental Implant Procedure: What to Expect During the Process

Maybe you are thinking of acquiring a dental implant, or maybe you have already decided to have one placed. What's the next step? To some people, the simple thought of placing an implant in their mouth surgically can be scary and intimidating. But it does not have to be this way. This post will outline every aspect of acquiring dental implants. Your dentist should be able to inform you about the cost you will incur and the kind of implant you need. Read More 

Cheap Dental Crowns: Overseas Treatment May Cost More Than You Think

If you need a couple of dental crowns, then the treatment cost may be a worry. To save money, you may be considering having the work done overseas. Having dental work done in another country can appear to be a cheaper option. Dental tourism deals combine the costs of travel, the time you stay in the country and your treatment. This may seem cheaper than having your dentist do the work at home. Read More 

Your Guide to Dental Veneers

Dental veneers have become increasingly popular across Australia and the wider Western world in recent years. You can ask your dentist about them, and their suitability for you, the next time you book in for one of your regular dental check ups. Most dentists would offer you excellent advice on the sort of dental veneers currently available. Although veneers are considered to be a part of cosmetic dentistry, you don't necessarily need a cosmetic dentist to fit them because most dental professionals will be able to undertake this sort of work. Read More 

Which Are the Best Veneers for Smokers?

Smoking may be one of the reasons why you want your teeth whitened. If you smoke a lot or have smoked for years, then your teeth may be discoloured with a yellow or brown tinge. If you've decided to get your original whiteness back, then you may be thinking about having veneers fitted to your front teeth. As a smoker, you have some extra decisions to make during this process as your habit may also affect veneer surfaces. Read More 

5 Things People Lie to Their Dentist About – And Why You Should Come Clean

Going to the dentist is a famously common fear, with some people outright avoiding making an appointment unless they're in urgent need of dental care. The irony of this, of course, is that the more often you see a dentist, the less likely you are to need uncomfortable treatments. More common than avoidance, however, is dishonesty. People often mislead their dentist about various aspects of their lives, perhaps out of a fear of being criticised or embarrassed. Read More